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China (Shenzhen) Cross Border E-commerce Fair 2021 concluded on a successful note

23 Sep 2021

China (Shenzhen) Cross-Border E-Commerce Fair (CCBEC) came to a close on 18 September 2021 with tremendous praise from both exhibitors and visitors gathered at the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center. The atmosphere of the 2021 edition was filled with positivity as participants explored a myriad of business opportunities and new industry perspectives throughout the three-day show. The show attracted 100,958 visits from industry buyers to source and build business partnerships with 2,052 suppliers, e-commerce platforms and supporting service providers across six halls in more than 120,000 sqm of exhibition space.

With extensive backing from supporting organisations, the show delivered a comprehensive platform for cross-border e-commerce sellers, quality manufacturers and service providers to conduct business, expand industry networks and exchange information, helping participants to capitalise on the emerging opportunities in the global e-commerce trade.

CCBEC is co-organised by the China Chamber of International Commerce, China Merchants Exhibition Management (Shenzhen) Co Ltd, Messe Frankfurt (Shenzhen) Co Ltd, Beijing Talent International Exhibition Co Ltd and Shenzhen OCT Greater Bay Development Co Ltd. “The show was launched to help industry practitioners ride on the recent growth of cross border e-commerce and the digital transformation of SMEs, and this was rewarded with strong exhibitor and visitor attendance – confirming the excellent timing for the debut, amid a surge of e-commerce, especially resulting from the pandemic,” said Ms Wendy Wen, Senior General Manager at Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd.

Many of the industry’s biggest names were in attendance, and they shared a similar view that the fair’s strategic location is irreplaceable for bringing industry practitioners together, as Shenzhen is a crucial city in the Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macau Greater Bay Area and a well-established destination for cross-border e-commerce in terms of logistics, supporting services, and streamlined customs and government policies. The first show attracted the likes of Alibaba, AliExpress, Tmall International, eBay, Shopee, Walmart,, Google and Sinotrans. A collective of quality suppliers covering nearly every consumer goods category were also present to extend their customer reach.

Mr Ma Jun, General Manager of China Merchants Exhibition Management (Shenzhen) Co Ltd noted: “CCBEC plays a part in fostering the development and expansion of the cross-border e-commerce industry. Leveraging Shenzhen’s ample industrial resources and the policy advantages of the Qianhai Bay Free Trade Port Zone, we strive to deepen the integration between the cross-border e-commerce industry and related sectors such as consumer goods, health care, as well as consulting and payment services. This will further strengthen Shenzhen's position as a stepping stone for Chinese brands to extend their reach to overseas markets. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to our partners, exhibitors and visitors for their enormous support, and I look forward to meeting all of you in the next edition.”

Besides deal-making, education and support were also on the agenda. Many participants reported that they were impressed by the comprehensiveness of the fringe programme, and the exclusive insights and analysis that speakers shared. Audience members explained that their participation was worthwhile because they not only benefited from in-depth discussions on almost every aspect of the industry, but they also found useful solutions to various practical issues as well as guidance to stay ahead in the fiercely competitive market.  Five major areas including industry development, policy and regulations, marketing strategies, supporting services, as well as investment and financing were covered in the fringe programme.

 Exhibitors’ voices

“We are happy to take part in the first edition of CCBEC. I can see the organisers have put a lot of effort into promotion as the show has had a successful debut, converging a huge amount of cross border platform sellers, manufacturers and other players from the supply chain. The fair also provides the relevant information, products and support that are essential for industry development. In addition to being an exhibitor, we also spoke at the forum section to introduce our latest policies in helping brands to grow their foreign trade business. As one of the pioneers in the cross border e-commerce business, we will support local brands in China to expand overseas through participating in this fair.”
Mr Angus Wen, Business Development Manager, eBay

“Shenzhen is a hotspot for cross border e-commerce, we have set up an operation centre with our own team here. The show provides us with an irreplaceable opportunity to connect with sellers and service providers. We have met with many of our Shenzhen based business partners here at CCBEC, and also engaged with some quality new sellers who are eager to join our platform. The show has been filled with positive vibes and industry players who are looking forward to establishing business connections with each other.”
Ms Yvoone Huang, Senior Manager (China Region), Newegg Global Selling, Newegg Inc

“South China is one of the most developed regions for cross border e-commerce and Shenzhen is the centre stage of the sector. Our company’s headquarters are also set up in the city as we benefit from Shenzhen being the hub for cross border logistics. It is a good decision to locate the show in Shenzhen so that it can better integrate the supply chain resources in the area. We also hope that the show can unite the entire cross-border logistics supply chain including freight forwarding companies, dedicated line companies, overseas warehouse companies, and ERP service providers.”
Mr Nelson Liu, Cofounder, Newtrans

“Our mission is to learn how to better promote and package our products on the cross border e-commerce platform, and also to let the industry know what we have to offer. CCBEC has provided an ideal networking platform for us to conduct business. Thanks to the organisers’ efforts in promotion, most of the customers we met here are very well prepared with clear targets and we have held constructive conversations with them. Shenzhen is home to a large group of cross-border e-commerce companies. Their ideas, business models and innovations can help us to develop products that better suit their needs.”
Ms Vicky Sun, Sales Manager, Nanlong Group Co Ltd

“The pandemic has encouraged us to transition away from our traditional trading channels such as exhibitions in favour of digital platforms to market our product and communicate with customers. However, we still need a face-to-face platform to talk to our clients so that they truly understand the design and quality of our products. CCBEC meets both our needs by providing in person encounters together with opportunities to promote the growth of our cross border e-commerce business. By joining this Shenzhen fair we are hoping to reach more of our customers in South China.”
Mr Anson Cai, Vice President, Chaozhou Qingfa Ceramics Co Ltd

“CCBEC has played an important role in bringing our children’s apparel brand to the international market as Shenzhen is a gateway to international e-commerce. We have had a successful show and received positive feedback from franchisees and agents. CCBEC has helped increase our brand exposure, recruit more franchisees and find the right suppliers. Also, the fair has been strongly supported by the local government. It is a must attend international trade fair for brands like us.”
Mr Shuilong Chen, Chairman of Longyu Group, Founder of Seven Life

Buyers’ thoughts

“As a cross-border e-commerce seller, we normally communicate and make purchases with our existing suppliers online and so we’ve never met each other in person before. Today at the fairground we finally met for the first time and they introduced their new products to us. We also had the opportunity to collect the contacts of many new suppliers from other regions. At the show, we explored a variety of different product segments, talked to some of the exhibitors and gathered some samples. CCBEC is like a treasure trove for us. Unlike many trade fairs of its kind, CCBEC doesn’t just focus on service providers, but also consumer goods. It’s the largest trade fair we’ve ever visited and it certainly broadens our horizons. We have discovered many new suppliers, and it’s especially useful that we can talk directly with original suppliers and manufacturers.”
Mr Jason Dong, General Manager, Shan Xi Huan Qiu Yi Mao E-commerce Co Ltd

“The manufacturers at CCBEC specialising in overseas export are very professional because they have good knowledge of consumer habits in overseas countries, and can provide accurate product quotations as well as updates on international e-commerce. So far I have held discussions with six manufacturers that I intend to cooperate with, and I may visit their factories after the show. CCBEC has exceeded my expectations and I think that this is indeed a convergence point for high quality exhibitors.”
Mr Yang Yongjian, General Manager, Hong Kong You Yi Ya Trading Co Ltd

“The main purpose of my visit is to find beauty and hairdressing products. Since we use Amazon FBA to fulfill our orders, we target small and light products that are suitable for air transportation. So far, I have found two desirable products that match my criteria. The show scale is extremely large, and there are many suppliers as well as a wide variety of new products. The service providers at the show are very patient and provided me with professional answers and solutions to my questions. It has been a very successful trip for me.”
Mr Yang Peng, General Manager, He Jin Hua Ou Trading Co Ltd

Speakers’ comments

“Although a number of the participating companies at the fringe programme are already engaging in cross-border e-commerce, most of them have just begun to take their first steps into the field. We are pleased to share our knowledge, products, capabilities and customer service experience with these companies to provide them with the opportunities to succeed.”
Mr Sparks Yuan, Director of B2B Business Greater China, Payoneer

“The CCBEC Shenzhen Industry Summit plays an important role in the show. Shenzhen is a crucial city for the cross-border e-commerce industry, and even for the wider Chinse economy. The city has delivered plenty of e-commerce innovations, including services, products and transaction models. I think CCBEC is an essential step for development – it brings industry players from the cross-border e-commerce community together, and promotes the future of the industry in Shenzhen.”
Mr Jian Wang, Professor of International Business and E-business, University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), Beijing, China.

“Toy companies are looking for new channels to increase their production, exports and sales, and cross-border e-commerce is seen as a new channel for them to achieve this. It is having a growing influence on the toy business and is occupying a rising proportion of their sales volume. The seminar programme at this fair provided a bridge to connect both exhibitors and buyers, it fosters communication and idea exchange among industry players.”
Mr Chen Huangman, Vice President of Guangdong Toy Association

Audience member’s comments

“CCBEC is not only large in terms of scale, but it also offers excellent trade fair services, a comprehensive range of products, and a line-up of supporting resources for cross-border e-commerce.  A series of seminars are also arranged throughout the show. I attended Alibaba Group’s forum where plenty of useful sourcing information was covered. The speaker also shared some back-end procurement data with the audience which we can use to make a better product procurement plan for the next quarter.”
Mr Wang Peng, General Manager, Shan Xi Yi Mei Jia Jing Technology Co Ltd

The China (Shenzhen) Cross Border E-commerce Fair is co-organised by the China Chamber of International Commerce, China Merchants Exhibition Management (Shenzhen) Co Ltd, Messe Frankfurt (Shenzhen) Co Ltd, Beijing Talent International Exhibition Co Ltd and Shenzhen OCT Greater Bay Development Co Ltd. The next edition of CCBEC will take place in April 2022 at the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center. For more information, please visit

Background information on The China Chamber of International Commerce

The China Chamber of International Commerce, or CCOIC, was established in 1988 with the approval of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China. Affiliated with the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), the CCOIC is a nationwide chamber of commerce comprised of enterprises, industry groups and other business organizations that are engaged in international commercial activities in China. The CCOIC participates in the work of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) on behalf of China, and uses the name of ICC China when carrying out business related to the ICC. At the end of 2020, the CCOIC had 261,000 member enterprises, including most central state-owned enterprises, national financial institutions, a large number of well-known private enterprises and foreign-funded companies. The CCOIC has become one of the most influential business associations in China.

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